Zell Spin Stripe Blog http://zellspinstripeblog.com Just another WordPress site Tue, 09 Oct 2012 12:41:51 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Scarinex Product Review – Don’t Let Scars Get You Down http://zellspinstripeblog.com/health-well-being/scarinex-product-review-dont-let-scars-get-you-down/ http://zellspinstripeblog.com/health-well-being/scarinex-product-review-dont-let-scars-get-you-down/#comments Tue, 25 Sep 2012 17:29:38 +0000 http://zellspinstripeblog.com/?p=800 Once you reach a certain age in your life, unless you were one careful individual, you have some type of scar on some part of your body.  I’ve never seen anyone that careful before in my life; so it’s highly unlikely you’ve made it that far either.  Some scars are old scars from when we were children and we wrecked our bicycle; some scars are from more serious injuries such as a burn or from surgery.  Some scars are bigger than others and some we all together forget we even have.  Then there are the scars that everyone can see, no matter how we try to disguise it or cover it up.  Those are the ones that bother us the most and we wish we could just get rid of them.

Scars are part of the body’s naturally healing process and how visible a scar is will depend on a number of different factors; the nature of the injury, the time it takes to heal, and your age and race play a part in it. If you have high levels of melanin in the skin your scars will be much worse than those with low levels of melanin in your skin.

For most, surgery is out of the question.  And really, surgery to remove a scar will still leave another scar.  Plus, there are all kinds of complications that come with surgery; no matter how minor the surgery seems and there will be some type of recovery time associated with that surgery.  So, it’s like a lose/lose situation when it comes to surgery.  However, there is a product on the market today that is a win/win situation for anyone who has some type of scarring that they would really like to get rid of.

Get rid of your scars for good

The product is called Scarinex and it helps to improve the appearance of any type of scar; childhood accident, burns, or surgery you’ve had as an adult.  It has a dual action formula that works to decrease the appearance of the scar while helping the new skin become healthier.  Sounds complicated, but it really is easy.  Scarinex Scar Gel is a completely invisible product that will help to reduce the swelling, redness, and pain that comes from scarring. Scarinex’s Skin Rejuvenator works to give the nutrients to your skin that it needs to fade the scars while the Scarinex Scar Gel creates a protective barrier over the scar which helps to retain the moisture and lock in the rejuvenator. Both the rejuvenating solution and the scar gel are to be applied directly to your skin. And unlike silicone sheets they adapt to the body and allow you to move and continue with your daily activities without worrying about toxins entering the scar.

Your day will never be hindered because you are using Scarinex and you have no recovery time like you would with surgery.  Unlike other scar reducing creams or lotions, Scarinex actually helps to protect your skin and allows your body’s natural healing process to take over when new skin is forming.  Only Scarinex uses a 100% medical grade silicone formula that combines five different high quality silicones.  No other product can or will offer you that.  You skin will be healthier than it’s ever been and there won’t be a scar anymore.  You simply cannot lose with Scarinex.

And, Scarinex is made from 100% all natural products so that you can use it for as long as you feel you need it without worry of side effects or anything else.  It is not only an effective scar removal supplement, it is also safer than anything else you can buy on the market today.  The ingredients were blended together by a team of doctors and researchers who chose these ingredients based on clinical studies for their ability to reduce the appearance of scars while at the same time allowing new, healthier skin to grow in its place.  The difference you will see in your skin after using Scarinex will simply amaze you.

More and more people these days are looking for all natural treatment plans and supplements and more and more doctors are recommending all natural plans.  That is why Scarinex has been recommended by doctors and used by so many patients.  The product they are getting has been manufactured in the United States in an FDA licensed laboratory that exceeds the normal guidelines.  People know the product is safe and are finding out just how effective it is too.

If you have a scar, or a number of scars that you would like to get rid of, give Scarinex a chance.  It has all of the ingredients that are necessary to help that scar disappear while at the same time allowing new and healthy skin to grow back.  See for yourself what Scarinex can do for you.

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Know More about Natural Hemorrhoid Cure http://zellspinstripeblog.com/uncategorized/know-more-about-natural-hemorrhoid-cure/ http://zellspinstripeblog.com/uncategorized/know-more-about-natural-hemorrhoid-cure/#comments Wed, 08 Aug 2012 06:08:08 +0000 http://zellspinstripeblog.com/?p=787  

Being a hemorrhoid sufferer is quite an embarrassing, difficult and painful state of affairs. Not only these individuals tend to avoid doctors until the issues becomes unbearable but they also neglect general recommendations once the acute phase of the disease is over.  By following doctor’s orders the condition can soon be brought under control, and with certain lifestyle changes, repeated bouts of hemorrhoids can be easily prevented. Fortunately, not all patients require medical assistance. Many can help themselves with natural hemorrhoid cure.

Most of us know that hemorrhoids develop once the veins in the rectum and anus enlarge and start to protrude. The wall of these distended blood vessels gets inflamed. Such veins easily bleed, especially if the affected individual suffers from constipation or strains during defecation.

There are various underlying causes of hemorrhoids. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of activity and repeated straining during bowel movement certainly contribute to the condition. Hemorrhoids also occur in pregnant women, obese individuals as well as people who smoke.

Natural hemorrhoid cure can help both people suffering from internal hemorrhoids as well as those with external hemorrhoids. In spite of numerous remedies and medications, research regarding hemorrhoid relief remains ongoing. Perhaps, one day, we shall have a powerful drug that will eliminate hemorrhoids for good.

As far as general hemorrhoid cure is concerned, the affected person should definitely start acting in a specific way once the inflammation and protrusion occur. First of all, the diet must be enriched with foods containing a lot of fiber. Also, the stool becomes softer if one drinks sufficient amounts of water. Even physical activity boosts the digestion and prevents repeated episodes of constipation.

Most of us get used to an unhealthy diet. Intake of vitamins and minerals is inappropriate. The same goes for dietary fiber. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals, pasta, legumes, nuts and seeds all contain a lot of fiber. Their intake on a regular basis acts against hemorrhoids and also assists once they develop.

We should not forget an instant hemorrhoid relief achieved with ice packs and sitz baths. Pain, itching and discomfort in the anal area can be significantly reduced if one takes warm baths several times per day. Unfortunately, such hemorrhoid cure is only a quick solution, having no lasting effects. This is the reason why each and every person with hemorrhoids should be eager to introduce some changes in his/her life and think of overcoming the issue completely. What is more, with proper attitude the next attack of hemorrhoids can be postoponed for a long period of time.

Nevertheless, if this quick natural hemorrhoid cure does not help or symptoms become worse, do not hesitate and consult your health care provider as soon as possible. To know more about the natural cure for hemorrhoid just click here.

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A New Day http://zellspinstripeblog.com/health-well-being/umbrella-rides-the-wind/ http://zellspinstripeblog.com/health-well-being/umbrella-rides-the-wind/#comments Wed, 15 Sep 2010 13:16:31 +0000 http://elegantthemes.com/preview/DeepFocus/?p=220

Making changes to your diet is usually motivated by some trigger.  Whether it is prompted by a health risk, or finally deciding you are not happy with your current weight, there is usually a trigger that jolts us to attention.  For me, it was allergies.  It is true that one’s nemesis can often become one’s best friend.  My allergies brought me face-to-face with information that instigated changes in my diet.  These changes would likely not have been seriously considered otherwise.

Having tried many diet fads and trends, and learning that they were just that, I had become disinclined to be persuaded by whatever the newest and latest versions had to offer.  Therefore, my diet had become a compilation of what I thought was healthy and nutritious and worked for me.  Little did I know early last year, that all of this was about to change in significant ways for my betterment.  Through some drastic experiences that landed me twice in the emergency rooms of two hospitals, I found my trigger.

My newfound trouble with allergic reactions caused me to get help.  I was immediately put on a diet that restricted sugars, all wheat and gluten products, corn, dairy, tomatoes, and beans.  My fruits were limited to a few berries a day.  These restrictions appeared starkly severe.  After recovering from the shock and depression, I began refocusing on foods I could eat, rather than everything that now was off limits.  Initially, it seemed absolutely everything had one or more of the forbidden ingredients in it. 

I ate a lot of salads and nuts.

Eventually, after a few months, some items were added back in.  With the addition of corn, tomatoes, and beans, a whole new repertoire of foods became freshly available, and I felt I had won the lottery.  In the meantime, I was becoming accustomed to this new way of eating.  I was also allowed to have products with sheep and goat’s milk.  These are some of my favorite cheeses.  My saving grace was the allowance (from the beginning, thankfully) of my bit of dark chocolate and glass of red wine every week.

my health

Making the quantum leap into my own personalized diet was now revealing naturally occurring improvements to my health.  My weight naturally regulated to a healthier level.  My energy level became more constant and accessible.  My eating habits, likewise, shifted. 

The information I learned about the toxic reactions the body has to dairy and gluten began to make sense to me, and became a natural deterrent to wanting to choose those products.  It even left me with no longings to return to those foods.  The sugar cravings go away when sugar is not included in everything you eat.

When your body is nourished with the proper foods that support and nurture it, the body self regulates.  I learned to eat whenever I am hungry, and choosing the right foods eliminates any sense of deprivation.  Starvation is no longer an issue, and the food I eat is highly satisfying.

Responding to the trigger of allergies became my path into a new day of changed eating habits that now frees me to eat well, be satisfied, and enjoy good health.  No more diet yoyos.  I don’t feel restricted at all since my choices are all now highest quality.  I love this new day!

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Foods To Avoid http://zellspinstripeblog.com/health-well-being/beautiful-eyes/ http://zellspinstripeblog.com/health-well-being/beautiful-eyes/#comments Wed, 15 Sep 2010 13:12:35 +0000 http://elegantthemes.com/preview/DeepFocus/?p=199

There are certain foods that can wreak havoc on your attempts to lose weight.  Over time, our bodies develop sensitivities to certain foods that cause our bodies to retain water, crave sugar, and swell up.  Avoiding certain foods can have just the opposite results, helping our bodies to recalibrate and find a better state of wellness and good health.  Regardless of any specific and personal sensitivities, there are some foods that should be avoided for good health, especially if you are trying to lose weight.                                                      

  • Sugar, sugar alternatives, and sugar substitutes.  Sugar and sugar products mess with your metabolism, feed cancer cells, create addictive cravings for sweets, contribute to obesity and obesity-related diseases, and have a whole host of other disastrous effects.
  • Salt.  Too much salt contributes to high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease, stroke, and osteoporosis.  An overabundance of salt is found in canned soups and other canned foods, processed meats, convenience and snack items, and most fast food.
  • White flour and refined and processed foods.  These foods have little nutritional value and deliver empty carbs and calories.
  • Trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils.  These ingredients raise bad cholesterol.
  • Sugary beverages.  Regular and diet sodas are linked to increased risk of diabetes.  Alcohol raises blood pressure, and can harm the liver, brain, and heart.

When you begin reading labels, you will be shocked to find that very few packaged goods do not have added processed refined wheat, sugar, salt, and bad fats.  However, once you recover from the realization that this means eliminating, or significantly reducing, perhaps the majority of products you buy regularly and have at home on your shelves, a huge realm of highly nutritious and quality food takes on new appeal.  When you eliminate the clutter of junk food, cooking with fresh ingredients and wholesome, nutrition-packed pure food becomes a luxurious way of living. 

For each of the categories listed above worthy of avoiding, there are healthy alternatives.


1. Sugars.  Substitute a protein for sugar.  Whenever the desire hits for something sweet, grab a handful of almonds or a bite of steak.

2. Salt.  Experiment and expand your repertoire of seasonings.  There are some herbs and other seasonings that are very good for you.  Turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and garlic all have beneficial properties, to name a few.  Adding hot spices such as cayenne to a dish is known for curbing appetite.

3. White flour and refined and processed foods.  Beans, bulgar, and brown rice offer high nutritional value and are wonderful replacements.  Quinoa, another good option, is the most complete protein of any grain.

4. Trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils.  Olive and other plant-based oils such as walnut oil and coconut oil are flavorful and can enhance salads and cooked foods.  Good fats are an important part of a healthy diet.

5. Sugary beverages.  Drinking more water has all kinds of health benefits and is good for your body.  Flavored seltzer water is a good substitute for soda.

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How To Manage Anxiety Attacks http://zellspinstripeblog.com/health-well-being/how-to-manage-anxiety-attacks/ http://zellspinstripeblog.com/health-well-being/how-to-manage-anxiety-attacks/#comments Fri, 18 Jun 2010 13:49:37 +0000 http://zellspinstripeblog.com/?p=794 Being overcome with the fear of an anxiety attack is the worst feeling you have ever felt. You feel like you want to run, but you cannot get away from the overwhelming feeling of dread. Your heart races and you break out in sweat. You feel like you are being choked and your mind races to find a way out. Then after a few minutes, the feeling is gone like it was never there. Soon, you begin to fear the next time it will happen and you begin to fear the fear itself. This causes an unending cycle of anxiety attacks.

I used to suffer from anxiety attacks. They were so severe, I could not leave my home for fear of having an attack while I was out. The feeling would come on suddenly for no reason at all, out of nowhere. I begin to wonder if I was crazy, or if I had a heart condition, or if I might be dying of some horrible disease. These are all signs of anxiety, not a horrible disease and they can be managed with proper techniques. Of course, I went to my physician to get checked first and make sure I did not have anything physical going on to cause the anxiety attacks. I received a clean bill of health and some good advice from my physician to try some bio-feedback techniques. So, I returned home and began looking into some natural ways to relieve my anxiety and help myself feel better.

After hitting the internet for a day of research, I came up with a plan for my anxiety and I was determined to rid myself of this Forever! I committed myself to a program of self-therapy daily for the next few weeks. Over the first week, I still experienced some attacks and some of them were pretty bad. It felt like more anxiety was coming to the surface after I broke into my little anxiety bubble. But, the second week I noticed a change. The anxiety attacks became less frequent and less severe and by the third week, I hardly had any anxiety at all. The fourth week I still committed to my routine just for good measure and by the fifth week, my anxiety was completely gone. It has been over 6 months now and I have not had one full-blown anxiety attack. Oh believe me, there have been times that I felt one coming on, but with my newly learned techniques I was able to stop them dead in their tracks.

Here is what I did:

I changed my diet

I cut out caffeine, nicotine and anything that is considered a stimulant. I stopped using energy drinks, I cut down on sugar and started eating lot’s of fruits and vegetables. Whenever I had a craving for something I shouldn’t have, I thought to myself how much worse the anxiety was than the craving.

I found all-natural anxiety relieving supplements

I began using all-natural substances to help calm my body. Things like chamomile, Valerian root and increased my intake of magnesium. I started keeping a box of chamomile tea in my cupboard and instead of coffee, I would start my day softly and smoothly instead of with a jolt to get out the door. I often found many of my anxiety attacks happened on the way to work. Now, I sail in calmly and just cruise through the day. I also started using melatonin at night to help me sleep. I often found that if I had a very busy day at work, the anxiety attacks would surface at night. This helped me to rest anxiety free.

I found bio-feedback techniques to help me eliminate anxiety attacks completely

Bio-feedback is when something happens to our body, we mentally tell it to do something else. It is a scary technique at first, because you actually have to confront your feelings of anxiety and become friends with it. What? You have to become friends with something so cruel? The answer is yes! The best way to deal with your fears is to face them “head on.” Every time the anxiety wells up inside of you “STOP” whatever you are doing, wherever you are. Sit down. Do not run. Sit right in front of those feelings and stare them in the face. Then politely and as calmly as you can, tell them “Hello.” Now have a little conversation with your new friend, tell them “Thank you for coming to see me, but I don’t care to deal with you anymore.” As a matter of fact, the entire time I was caught up in an anxiety attack, I would talk to it until it went away. People may have thought I was crazy sitting there talking to myself, but you know what? The more I talked to the anxiety, the less hold it began to have on me. I got to a point that when I said “Hello,” in the next breath it was gone.

I now live my life free from anxiety attacks!

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My Good Health http://zellspinstripeblog.com/health-well-being/aenean-bibendum-elementum-pede/ http://zellspinstripeblog.com/health-well-being/aenean-bibendum-elementum-pede/#comments Thu, 28 Sep 2006 19:38:13 +0000 http://www.elegantwordpressthemes.com/preview/eGallery/?p=73  

Being healthy is one of my top priorities.  After all, what do we have without it?  Life lived fully depends on my good health.  So, here is my guide to good health.

  • Eat well.  I commit to eat foods that are good for me and highly nutritious.  I have learned that when I spend extra money on the best food, I spend less on the junk.  It is a better investment and a much smarter use of my resources.  I eat better, am more satisfied, enjoy better health, and feel good about myself.  This practice is highly satisfying, both to my body and to my pocketbook.
  • Sleep well.  I covet my sleep and make a place for that good night of restful sleep.  For me, the secret to sleeping well is about balance.  When everything else in my life is well balanced, I sleep better because I am at peace with myself.  Therefore, I do not need to use my sleeping time to continue to process or work through the challenges, upheavals, and negativity that manage to get through those cracks in my armor every day.  I make a point to prepare for sleep so that I am relaxed and able to embrace the night.
  • Laugh often.  Laughter is underrated.  Wouldn’t it be great if the daily news incorporated regular segments of good humor?  Imagine if commercials promoted laughter rather than merchandise.  I think the world would be a better place.  A friend taught me the value of humor in the midst of an argument.  Laughter is priceless.  One of my favorite things is waking up from laughing in a dream.
  • Love well.  I treasure those precious people in my life whom I dearly love.  Loving and being loved provides the deepest meaning in life.  It is important to select well and love well.  This is how I know I am truly alive.
  • Stay fit.  Keeping fit is best when it is fun.  Therefore, I like to change it up often and integrate fun whenever possible.
  •   My favorite thing is ping pong, but I also recognize that my good fitness includes my yard and
    house work, my time at the gym, and some social activities that get me out and moving.  Walking around the lake with a friend is a special time the two of us dedicate to keeping up on our lives.  I am always amazed that we complete the loop so quickly, without a thought about the great benefits we are getting from the quick pace.  Staying fit keeps me feeling good about my body and gives me that extra spring in my step.

  • Practice good habits.  Being conscientious about my good choices is part of my guide to good health because life ultimately gets down to the little things.  I feel good when I make the good choice to have a healthy snack, choose to take a walk rather than eat the bowl of ice cream, deal with a momentary difference with a friend rather than deny it happened, and take time to share an encouraging word or give someone a hug or a sincere smile.


Relish the fine things.  A piece of dark chocolate, a glass of fine wine, and a warm embrace – then I can call it a day. 
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