My Good Health


Being healthy is one of my top priorities.  After all, what do we have without it?  Life lived fully depends on my good health.  So, here is my guide to good health.

  • Eat well.  I commit to eat foods that are good for me and highly nutritious.  I have learned that when I spend extra money on the best food, I spend less on the junk.  It is a better investment and a much smarter use of my resources.  I eat better, am more satisfied, enjoy better health, and feel good about myself.  This practice is highly satisfying, both to my body and to my pocketbook.
  • Sleep well.  I covet my sleep and make a place for that good night of restful sleep.  For me, the secret to sleeping well is about balance.  When everything else in my life is well balanced, I sleep better because I am at peace with myself.  Therefore, I do not need to use my sleeping time to continue to process or work through the challenges, upheavals, and negativity that manage to get through those cracks in my armor every day.  I make a point to prepare for sleep so that I am relaxed and able to embrace the night.
  • Laugh often.  Laughter is underrated.  Wouldn’t it be great if the daily news incorporated regular segments of good humor?  Imagine if commercials promoted laughter rather than merchandise.  I think the world would be a better place.  A friend taught me the value of humor in the midst of an argument.  Laughter is priceless.  One of my favorite things is waking up from laughing in a dream.
  • Love well.  I treasure those precious people in my life whom I dearly love.  Loving and being loved provides the deepest meaning in life.  It is important to select well and love well.  This is how I know I am truly alive.
  • Stay fit.  Keeping fit is best when it is fun.  Therefore, I like to change it up often and integrate fun whenever possible.
  •   My favorite thing is ping pong, but I also recognize that my good fitness includes my yard and
    house work, my time at the gym, and some social activities that get me out and moving.  Walking around the lake with a friend is a special time the two of us dedicate to keeping up on our lives.  I am always amazed that we complete the loop so quickly, without a thought about the great benefits we are getting from the quick pace.  Staying fit keeps me feeling good about my body and gives me that extra spring in my step.

  • Practice good habits.  Being conscientious about my good choices is part of my guide to good health because life ultimately gets down to the little things.  I feel good when I make the good choice to have a healthy snack, choose to take a walk rather than eat the bowl of ice cream, deal with a momentary difference with a friend rather than deny it happened, and take time to share an encouraging word or give someone a hug or a sincere smile.


Relish the fine things.  A piece of dark chocolate, a glass of fine wine, and a warm embrace – then I can call it a day.