Foods To Avoid

There are certain foods that can wreak havoc on your attempts to lose weight.  Over time, our bodies develop sensitivities to certain foods that cause our bodies to retain water, crave sugar, and swell up.  Avoiding certain foods can have just the opposite results, helping our bodies to recalibrate and find a better state of wellness and good health.  Regardless of any specific and personal sensitivities, there are some foods that should be avoided for good health, especially if you are trying to lose weight.                                                      

  • Sugar, sugar alternatives, and sugar substitutes.  Sugar and sugar products mess with your metabolism, feed cancer cells, create addictive cravings for sweets, contribute to obesity and obesity-related diseases, and have a whole host of other disastrous effects.
  • Salt.  Too much salt contributes to high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease, stroke, and osteoporosis.  An overabundance of salt is found in canned soups and other canned foods, processed meats, convenience and snack items, and most fast food.
  • White flour and refined and processed foods.  These foods have little nutritional value and deliver empty carbs and calories.
  • Trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils.  These ingredients raise bad cholesterol.
  • Sugary beverages.  Regular and diet sodas are linked to increased risk of diabetes.  Alcohol raises blood pressure, and can harm the liver, brain, and heart.

When you begin reading labels, you will be shocked to find that very few packaged goods do not have added processed refined wheat, sugar, salt, and bad fats.  However, once you recover from the realization that this means eliminating, or significantly reducing, perhaps the majority of products you buy regularly and have at home on your shelves, a huge realm of highly nutritious and quality food takes on new appeal.  When you eliminate the clutter of junk food, cooking with fresh ingredients and wholesome, nutrition-packed pure food becomes a luxurious way of living. 

For each of the categories listed above worthy of avoiding, there are healthy alternatives.


1. Sugars.  Substitute a protein for sugar.  Whenever the desire hits for something sweet, grab a handful of almonds or a bite of steak.

2. Salt.  Experiment and expand your repertoire of seasonings.  There are some herbs and other seasonings that are very good for you.  Turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and garlic all have beneficial properties, to name a few.  Adding hot spices such as cayenne to a dish is known for curbing appetite.

3. White flour and refined and processed foods.  Beans, bulgar, and brown rice offer high nutritional value and are wonderful replacements.  Quinoa, another good option, is the most complete protein of any grain.

4. Trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils.  Olive and other plant-based oils such as walnut oil and coconut oil are flavorful and can enhance salads and cooked foods.  Good fats are an important part of a healthy diet.

5. Sugary beverages.  Drinking more water has all kinds of health benefits and is good for your body.  Flavored seltzer water is a good substitute for soda.