How To Manage Anxiety Attacks

Being overcome with the fear of an anxiety attack is the worst feeling you have ever felt. You feel like you want to run, but you cannot get away from the overwhelming feeling of dread. Your heart races and you break out in sweat. You feel like you are being choked and your mind races to find a way out. Then after a few minutes, the feeling is gone like it was never there. Soon, you begin to fear the next time it will happen and you begin to fear the fear itself. This causes an unending cycle of anxiety attacks.

I used to suffer from anxiety attacks. They were so severe, I could not leave my home for fear of having an attack while I was out. The feeling would come on suddenly for no reason at all, out of nowhere. I begin to wonder if I was crazy, or if I had a heart condition, or if I might be dying of some horrible disease. These are all signs of anxiety, not a horrible disease and they can be managed with proper techniques. Of course, I went to my physician to get checked first and make sure I did not have anything physical going on to cause the anxiety attacks. I received a clean bill of health and some good advice from my physician to try some bio-feedback techniques. So, I returned home and began looking into some natural ways to relieve my anxiety and help myself feel better.

After hitting the internet for a day of research, I came up with a plan for my anxiety and I was determined to rid myself of this Forever! I committed myself to a program of self-therapy daily for the next few weeks. Over the first week, I still experienced some attacks and some of them were pretty bad. It felt like more anxiety was coming to the surface after I broke into my little anxiety bubble. But, the second week I noticed a change. The anxiety attacks became less frequent and less severe and by the third week, I hardly had any anxiety at all. The fourth week I still committed to my routine just for good measure and by the fifth week, my anxiety was completely gone. It has been over 6 months now and I have not had one full-blown anxiety attack. Oh believe me, there have been times that I felt one coming on, but with my newly learned techniques I was able to stop them dead in their tracks.

Here is what I did:

I changed my diet

I cut out caffeine, nicotine and anything that is considered a stimulant. I stopped using energy drinks, I cut down on sugar and started eating lot’s of fruits and vegetables. Whenever I had a craving for something I shouldn’t have, I thought to myself how much worse the anxiety was than the craving.

I found all-natural anxiety relieving supplements

I began using all-natural substances to help calm my body. Things like chamomile, Valerian root and increased my intake of magnesium. I started keeping a box of chamomile tea in my cupboard and instead of coffee, I would start my day softly and smoothly instead of with a jolt to get out the door. I often found many of my anxiety attacks happened on the way to work. Now, I sail in calmly and just cruise through the day. I also started using melatonin at night to help me sleep. I often found that if I had a very busy day at work, the anxiety attacks would surface at night. This helped me to rest anxiety free.

I found bio-feedback techniques to help me eliminate anxiety attacks completely

Bio-feedback is when something happens to our body, we mentally tell it to do something else. It is a scary technique at first, because you actually have to confront your feelings of anxiety and become friends with it. What? You have to become friends with something so cruel? The answer is yes! The best way to deal with your fears is to face them “head on.” Every time the anxiety wells up inside of you “STOP” whatever you are doing, wherever you are. Sit down. Do not run. Sit right in front of those feelings and stare them in the face. Then politely and as calmly as you can, tell them “Hello.” Now have a little conversation with your new friend, tell them “Thank you for coming to see me, but I don’t care to deal with you anymore.” As a matter of fact, the entire time I was caught up in an anxiety attack, I would talk to it until it went away. People may have thought I was crazy sitting there talking to myself, but you know what? The more I talked to the anxiety, the less hold it began to have on me. I got to a point that when I said “Hello,” in the next breath it was gone.

I now live my life free from anxiety attacks!