A New Day

Making changes to your diet is usually motivated by some trigger.  Whether it is prompted by a health risk, or finally deciding you are not happy with your current weight, there is usually a trigger that jolts us to attention.  For me, it was allergies.  It is true that one’s nemesis can often become one’s best friend.  My allergies brought me face-to-face with information that instigated changes in my diet.  These changes would likely not have been seriously considered otherwise.

Having tried many diet fads and trends, and learning that they were just that, I had become disinclined to be persuaded by whatever the newest and latest versions had to offer.  Therefore, my diet had become a compilation of what I thought was healthy and nutritious and worked for me.  Little did I know early last year, that all of this was about to change in significant ways for my betterment.  Through some drastic experiences that landed me twice in the emergency rooms of two hospitals, I found my trigger.

My newfound trouble with allergic reactions caused me to get help.  I was immediately put on a diet that restricted sugars, all wheat and gluten products, corn, dairy, tomatoes, and beans.  My fruits were limited to a few berries a day.  These restrictions appeared starkly severe.  After recovering from the shock and depression, I began refocusing on foods I could eat, rather than everything that now was off limits.  Initially, it seemed absolutely everything had one or more of the forbidden ingredients in it. 

I ate a lot of salads and nuts.

Eventually, after a few months, some items were added back in.  With the addition of corn, tomatoes, and beans, a whole new repertoire of foods became freshly available, and I felt I had won the lottery.  In the meantime, I was becoming accustomed to this new way of eating.  I was also allowed to have products with sheep and goat’s milk.  These are some of my favorite cheeses.  My saving grace was the allowance (from the beginning, thankfully) of my bit of dark chocolate and glass of red wine every week.

my health

Making the quantum leap into my own personalized diet was now revealing naturally occurring improvements to my health.  My weight naturally regulated to a healthier level.  My energy level became more constant and accessible.  My eating habits, likewise, shifted. 

The information I learned about the toxic reactions the body has to dairy and gluten began to make sense to me, and became a natural deterrent to wanting to choose those products.  It even left me with no longings to return to those foods.  The sugar cravings go away when sugar is not included in everything you eat.

When your body is nourished with the proper foods that support and nurture it, the body self regulates.  I learned to eat whenever I am hungry, and choosing the right foods eliminates any sense of deprivation.  Starvation is no longer an issue, and the food I eat is highly satisfying.

Responding to the trigger of allergies became my path into a new day of changed eating habits that now frees me to eat well, be satisfied, and enjoy good health.  No more diet yoyos.  I don’t feel restricted at all since my choices are all now highest quality.  I love this new day!